(Proverbs 29:18) Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he

Vision is an insight or dream about the future, a mental sight or revelation yet to be fulfilled. Every achievement ever made by man started with a vision: imaginations developed into pictures in our minds. These pictures become the driving force for achievement and possibilities in destiny. There is a purpose for every vision. Vision gives direction. Vision is the motivating factor burning like life coals in the tablets of a man’s heart. Vision also begets vision: God-given vision never dies. Each time goals are achieved, they open up new visions, which leads to new goals and constant, progressive achievements in life. Any vision without a purpose will prove abortive. As a house cannot exist without a foundation, vision cannot stand without purpose. When the purpose of the vision is not known abuse becomes inevitable. Without purpose, vision becomes a mere fantasy, a tossing after the wind.

The Purpose of vision

  1. Vision keeps alive: Vision gives a person something to live for. Life becomes meaningless and a vexation of the spirit, when there is nothing to live for. When a man has nothing living for, sleeping becomes his mandate. Vision does not only keep alive, it invigorates hope. Man is created to live for something worthwhile and that is vision.
  2. Vision engenders impetus and vibrancy: God never designed man to live without something to do. Vision, therefore, gives us the impetus to approach our daily tasks of life with optimism and vibrancy.
  3. Vision facilitates productivity: Productivity is not a happenstance, it is a product of vision. It is often said that any man who does not plan to succeed, has a plan to fail. Things work by vision, not by accident. A man who depends on the chance to get things done is a man who builds a castle in the air. God wants you to become productive that is why He has given you access to vision.
  4. Vision cancels insult: Insults abide in the tabernacle of under-achievers. A man who cannot get simple tasks done will reap the reward of insults. He will remain a low life and a never-do-well in life. But a man of vision cancels insults as he will always see something to do.

Meditation: Without purpose, vision becomes a mere fantasy, a tossing after the wind.

NB: Vision: Key to Possibilities

Prayer: Oh God, help me to know and maximize the purpose of vision in life in Jesus name, Amen

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